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We are a Christian community of the Catholic tradition located in East Antrim,
Northern Ireland, on the shore of Belfast Lough, half way between the ports of
Larne and Belfast.

Our Aim and Purpose is to be:-
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  a community with Jesus as its centre. (more)
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)
 a people committed to spreading His kingdom (more)
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  a community where each person feels he or she belongs and has a role to play.
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  founded on prayer and scripture; listening and guided by the Spirit of God.
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  a place to grow as a person and in the faith and knowledge of God.
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  a partnership of clergy and laity reaching out to those in need.
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  respectful of those whose faith, views and philosophies differ to our own.
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  people with a heart for unity in diversity among all people, especially within the Christian family.
bluebull.GIF (255 bytes)  a source and channel of justice, peace, hope and love in a hurting world.

We believe that together, this is a life worth living, a cause worth following.
There is much to be and much to do ........ JOIN WITH US in making this a reality!

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