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At a time when the world seemed an uncertain and a scary place thanks to Covid-19, the boys (Callum and Ethan) and I thought we would spread a little Hope and Cheer.

It started with our one daily exercise, we would cycle to the shore, collect some stones, take them home and paint them before setting off the next day to surprise deliver them on our bicycles around Whitehead. To the businesses that were open and supplying our neighbourhood to the doctors, the nursing homes and to the neighbours. One by one they popped up. A little misery to the locals, but a happy gift no less!

The message a little painting of the symbolic coloured houses along the shore, an upside down rainbow (when our world felt upside down) and the message ‘Stay Safe’.

We have delivered over 300 ‘stay safe’ stones now and we’re recently nominated to receive a certificate from the Mayor in recognition of our time volunteering to spread a smile during covid.

Three coins in the Fountain