Newcomers - Returning Catholics

Please feel free to explore and ask any questions you may have about the Catholic Church or how you can return to active participation in the church by visiting the Catholics Come Home website.

Visit this link for valuable resources and personal witness testimonies about living a committed Christian life:

Since the Church is a family, we miss those Catholics who may have left the Church or who have stopped participating in its vibrant liturgy and sacramental life. Perhaps someone you know or you are in this situation and do not know how to come back or how to become active again. The first thing you need to know is that you are always welcome. The Church misses you and hopes that you will choose to come home as an active member.

Some may have stopped coming to Church, but recently have grown to understand and appreciate their Catholic faith more deeply. We want all to feel part of the big Catholic family, and sincerely hope others will also find more peace, real answers and true happiness through the gift of faith.

If you want to discuss further your desire to return as an active Catholic to Our Parish please contact Fr Owens at the Parish Office.

Tel: (028) 9336 3269